My colleague submitted me for Communicator of the Year. Below the nomination are my posts to the WSDOT blog. To find more of my work, you can type my name into the search box on the WSDOT website.

In response to our Communications and Social Media efforts from the January 2012 snow and ice storm, I help create and edited a folio.

In addition, I am responsible for content on the Maintenance and Traffic Operations websites. I am also proud of Go Orange for Work Zone Safety! I manage the WSDOT campaign to increase work zone safety awareness. You may have heard of Give ’em a Brake?

Prepared and submitted by WSDOT colleagues

The WSDOT communications team consists of skilled professionals with many skills, but most are in one area or mode. Alice Fiman faces the challenge in her every day job where she has to apply those skills to the bigger picture, on a statewide level. 

A tough, but necessary component of her job is to collaborate with people in geographic regions who focus on what is happening in their particular region. She often is the glue that packages it all together. Alice has to facilitate and balance everyone’s (WSDOT Executives, the Communication team, plus drivers) needs and still get the job done. The communicators working outside headquarters recognize this and have remarked on her ability to help them see the big picture.

She doesn’t have support from a day-to-day team, which makes her all the more resourceful at seeking out help and collaboration. When faced with a challenge, she always comes back with another idea or way to do something. She’s had three bosses in the past three years, but has adjusted to each different management style, while still managing to deliver.

She has also used this to learn about and adapt to new modes of communications. Many have remarked one of her best attributes is her ability to learn and then actively look for opportunities to use new this knowledge. She can see the value in and embrace new communications and public involvement tools, including ways to communicate her own programs and those from other modes and regions.

She is extremely adaptable and able to switch gears immediately from working on an Adopt-A-Highway recruitment video to answering a media call about studded tire deadlines. While immersed in planning a statewide Work Zone Safety campaign, she still knows if it’s going to snow in the passes this weekend and who’s on call in every region. She was at her best when she was able to manage the communications staffing and tools in the WSDOT Emergency Operations Center while pulling the night shift every night.

She is good at her craft. Her attention to detail rivals most other communicators. Her knowledge of the agency and her relationships with the “go-to” people both inside and outside the agency are the reason she can get so much done. She has good media instincts and is always the person to call if you can’t find something in the AP Style Book.

Alice has high expectations of herself, both personally and professionally, and sincerely reflects on setbacks as learning opportunities.  She is extremely loyal and if you earn her loyalty, you always have someone you can turn to, no matter what time of day or night.

She is well received by people in the traffic and maintenance office, and easily relates to field and region personnel. The relationship between traffic and maintenance is the best it has ever been and I attribute that to her tireless efforts and doing what it takes to go the extra mile. She’s earned their approval by being smart, collaborative, dependable, and the go-to person in a crisis.

Others outside WSDOT have also noticed her skills, as on numerous occasions, ask her to work at the Washington State Emergency Management Center at Camp Murray, and was also called upon to help with the memorial for the Lakewood Police officers killed in the line of duty.

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