Shaken…then stirred

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A few weeks back I went to a concert. While that’s not what many would call out of the ordinary, it was for me. Let’s just say KRS-One isn’t someone I would typically spend my evening with, but my friend’s band was the opening act.

I am so glad I did. KRS-One, while again, not at all on my playlist, was amazing. And, I was so happy to see my friend and his band. They were awesome! With three kids, he and his wife don’t get out much, so it was great to see them having a great time. A win all around.

(From seeing KRS-One live, I now have a new respect for the talent needed to freestyle. I just wish more rap artists – yes, I now call them artists – would stop using their mic to glamorize violence and degrade women.)

This pleasant night on the town taught me an important lesson. Every once in a while, I need to step outside my comfort zone. And I am going to do it. Too often we stay in our own little box, never taking the time to experience something different. It’s sad really. And it has driven this country so far apart.

I really do think that’s how this country has gotten so divided. Information to confirm what we already believe is readily available. The other day, I read this quote: “You tend to pay attention to information that confirms what you already believe, and you tend to ignore information that challenges your preconceived notions of how the world works.” Apparently, it’s a habit of human thinking known as a confirmation bias.

As Charlie Brown would say…ARGH! Seriously, I bet anyone can find a blog or talk show to confirm what they already think they know and never have to learn anything new. That’s really sad.

I am challenging myself (and you) to do at least one thing a month that takes place a bit outside the comfort zone. It may surprise you. Challenge yourself, more importantly, educate yourself.

Hey, you may just be surprised. Now, I am not going out to buy myself some KRS-One music, but I did make a choice to shake it up a bit. And I was stirred.

Now, what’s next?


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