Writing a bio for writers is gulp…help!

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A colleague asked me to help teach a basic PIO training course. I will be a “practical exercise mentor” for the Washington State Emergency Management Department’s Basic PIO course in mid-March. For this, I had to write a short bio. Considering many of the participants should have some sort of media and/or writing background, this seemed a bit daunting. To top it off, Marc Clemens from WaEMD sent me other trainers’ submissions.

To those who are participating, you are in a for a treat – I am truly honored to participate with the top-notch group.

Have you ever written a bio? Here’s what I submitted. Any feedback? Please help…

Alice Fiman is the Communications Manager for the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Maintenance and Traffic Operations program. This includes leading communications for WSDOT Emergency Operations, plus all traffic management-related issues and seasonal messaging such as fall and winter roadway operations, spring maintenance such as the Adopt-a-Highway litter patrols, and summer construction’s Give ‘em a Brake work zone safety program.

Before coming to WSDOT in 2003, Alice worked for the Washington State Legislature as a Public Information Officer and also spent three years as the Education Editor for The Chronicle in Centralia.

Her love for news started young, discussing public policies with her father while watching Town Meeting (with Ken Schram) on Sunday nights. Taking the next step, she attended Washington State University, graduating in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communications.

These days, when not trying to get drivers to slow down during snow storms and watch out for flood waters, Fiman spends time rooting for the Cougs and lots of time on those roads shuttling her son between sports practices. You can find her ramblings about the Cougs (and other such matters) on Twitter at @Wazzuoly. She and her dad still talk policy these days, but she has to watch out for his heart, so they keep it to topics like their shared love of baseball and what’s happening with the Mariners and Cougars (oh, wait….).


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