A little too much “me” in Social Media

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Sports have always been an important part of my life. Participating in sports, I had good coaches and bad ones. But even the bad ones at one point must have given the “there’s no I in team” speech.

The team concept remains very important to me. I believe in teamwork and admire great teams. And, conversely, I loathe those who put themselves before the team. Or, worse, take sole credit for a team project.

So all you social media self-described guru superstars, there may be a “me” in social media, but you wouldn’t be anywhere without your team. (Full disclosure – I can’t stand the term social media. And it doesn’t matter how many friends, followers, whatever you have. There is nothing “social” about sitting behind a computer all day.)

Even in this day and age of personal branding, we must balance the need to market oneself with the realization that we share every bit of our success.

So the next time you heap praise on the so-called social media star, ask yourself how much they talk about their team. And if you can’t even name one of their co-workers, well, need I say more?


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