Let’s be Golden, shall we?

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Lately, I feel like many of us (myself included) are living but what I have come to dub the “unGolden Rule.”

This rule is the opposite of its Golden Rule sibling, as it describes those who only offer their comment when they have something ‘bad’ to say, or a criticism to offer. This rule and its accompanying negativity spreads like a virus. And it has infected too many.

I have never been one to shy away from constructive criticism. I enjoy learning how others think. While I may not agree with it, it’s welcome if delivered with good intent. But, if you are going to offer criticism, balance it with positive feedback (when due).

Today, I vow to make an effort to fight this negativity virus. Any ideas on the antibiotics? My mom used to say PMA, and my teenage eye roll soon followed. But hey, your positive mental attitude can infect others too, right? I sure hope so.

Unfortunately, living by the Golden Rule is quite difficult. But I will work to do it in a way that tempers the critique with an opportunity to grow.

If you see my PMA again sliding toward that much worse sickness, please help me with some medication. I like red blends.


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