E-etiquette times two

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Ever heard the construction/builders/makers of anything mantra “measure twice, cut once”? I sure have. On Friday, I got one of those e-mails that made me think we should have an e-mantra that goes something like ‘type once, think twice (before you hit send)’. This goes along with reply all mantra – seriously, can’t there be a box that pops up to say ARE YOU SURE when someone hits reply to all.

Friday, I got an e-mail from a colleagues (not supervisory) asking me to do something I had already done. I then responded by something like I already did that – are you sure word hasn’t made it up the chain?

Back came “wouldn’t be asking you if she had.”

That just struck me as really rude. I was trying to make sure we had her back and weren’t pointing out she hadn’t followed through. But getting the benefit of good intent doesn’t happen as often as one would like.  

So, type once, but think twice (before you hit send.) Or, pretend you didn’t see it – that couldn’t have worked, too.


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