No time to think

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A few weeks ago, I was watching Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN and heard an interesting comment. Joe Morgan, one of my least favorite sportscasters, said it.

Here’s the set up. Hitter hits ball to first base, first baseman hesitates and then tries to throw out runner going home. I am not sure I have all the details right, but, well, let’s just say everyone was safe. And here’s what bugged me about that.

Mr. Morgan, then goes, well, he just didn’t think quick enough. Thanks for playing, but wrong answer Joe.

The right answer is he screwed up. He should have known what he was going to do before he even got the ball. He’s a professional ballplayer and should have prepared and had a plan.

Every player on the field should know exactly what they are going to do if the ball comes to them. They should all know the situation and where the play is. There are only so many variables in a baseball game. Once the play happens, there is no “thinking” involved. You are a professional – the best in the world – and you should know what to do.

I wish the rest of life could have limited variables. For those who can, practice and know what you will do because when it comes your way. Because when it does, you won’t have time to think.


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